Car Accidents

Do I Need a Neurologist After an Accident?

Being involved in an accident can cause many traumatic injuries including brain injuries that may not be readily detectable. Many brain injuries can be symptomless and fatal. Our Board Certified Neurologist can effectively identify and diagnose a brain injury in conjunction with the proper testing using specialized equipment.

After an Accident is it Important to get an Evaluation for Possible Neurological Injury?
If you or someone you know has been in an accident and are suffering from migraines, headaches, numbness , memory loss, sleep disturbance, nausea or cognitive changes in the days or weeks after their accident this may be a symptom of brain damage. Symptoms of this nature should not be ignored, and you should seek medical attention. Brain trauma can occur from an accident such as a car accident, serious fall, bicycle accident, motorcycle crash or any serious impact to the head and or upper neck region. The leading cause of brain trauma are Motor Vehicle accidents. Today's vehicles are loaded with safety features like seat belts, self braking systems, air bags and more. Even with all these safety features the brain is not protected from being heavily jolted in an impact causing brain trauma. 

What is the next step?

Comprehensive testing from a Neurologist to evaluate these types of injuries should be your first step. iVNG testing will allow professionals to differentiate between peripheral vertigo and CNS vertigo caused by trauma. This is an important tool in diagnosing neurological disorders that may not be outwardly obvious.

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what is brain trauma?

There are several types of brain trauma including concussions, diffuse axonal injury, contusions and others like skull fractures and hematomas.

   A concussion is the temporary dysfunction of the entire brain following an impact. Concussions are treated much more seriously than in the past due to the possibility of long term damage.

   Diffuse axonal injury is common to Motor Vehicle accidents and is where nerve fibers around the brain start to tear and may cause a coma. This may also be used as another term for concussion.

  Contusions are very common and is also known as brain bruise. This is also caused by direct trauma to the head. Proper diagnosis is key to limiting any possibility of long term damage to the brain. iVNG testing is one of the modern tools available to diagnose brain trauma correctly and provide the best possible options for a successful recovery.