Do I Need a Neurologist After an Accident?
 Being involved in an accident can cause many traumatic injuries including brain injuries that may not be readily detectable. Many brain injuries can be symptomless and fatal.

VNG (Videonystagmography) is a technology for testing central motor functions possibly related to trauma. It is mobile and involves the use of infrared goggles to trace eye movements during visual stimulation and position changes.

Patients with dizziness are commonly difficult to diagnose. The condition of vertigo can be caused by many conditions including: vestibular disorder, neurological disorder, balance disorder, neuromuscular conditions, psychological conditions and pharmacological situations.

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 The i-VNG Difference


  • Optional Testing Templates
     5 Minute Stat Test
     10 Minute Express Test
     20-30 Minute A/B Test 
     Custom Test Options 

improved reporting

  • On-the-Spot interpretive report printed right after the test. This includes a results flow chart, further documenting the steps followed and accuracy in logic flow. Test results are available immediately after testing, including time saving, automated Nystagmus detection and SPV calculations.

more comfortable

  • Built for patient comfort. iVNG can be used to test virtually all patients. This includies those with ptosis (droopy eye lids) and other eye abnormalities. Patients with permanent makeup, muscle weakness and Bells’s Palsy can also be tested.


  • iVNG is completely mobile
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